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We are #blessed, and we know it! 
Here at "Blessed and Giving Back" we have put together a team of like-minded individuals. Our goal is to give something back to the communities who have lent their support to us throughout the years! We've partnered with several different companies in the FASHION industry to provide businesses to empower women. Thanks for being here and a part of this amazing Tzin journey.

Good, Better, and Best!

Good Kit - $369   20-46 Pieces

Better Kit - $639   35-79 Pieces

Best Kit - $999   55-124 Pieces

The number of items contained in each kit will be determined by the wholesale price. 


In the GOOD kit, an order of all dresses contains 20 pieces and an order of all leggings contains 46.

 To place your order please email;

 To pay for your order please go to

Our Mission


We have gotten a lot of JOY and BLESSINGS from our success in the fashion business, so we decided that we want to spread our happiness and rewards with the Tzin Stylists to empower her business! We started as a small, modest organization, and we have made it our mission to always appreciate our humble beginnings. We know first-hand the value of those supporting you on your road to success. 


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